Clifford Chance Business Services

  • CSR

Clifford Chance Business Services has always endeavoured to go beyond its business focus and contribute to the well being of all stakeholders, including the community at large. As an organisation, we believe that sustained economic growth cannot happen without social progress and the well being of local communities. It is our responsibility to take care of those residing in the vicinity of our planet.

In our principles of action, we have collaborated with a variety of charities to offer various CSR events. Clifford Chance Business Services provides major support to 'Literacy India' an NGO set up in 1996 with the objective of empowering underprivileged children and women by making them self-sufficient through the provision of basic education and vocational skills.

Clifford Chance Business Services has also organised book donation drives for 'Teach for India' (, and regularly donates food and clothes to 'Goonj' ( which channels these to the needy across India.

The CSR activities at Clifford Chance Business Services are spearheaded by a highly motivated CSR committee consisting of Executive Members and Co-ordinators with representations from the senior management team. The committee reports to the organisation's Board of Directors.