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Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

We offer our employees unique set of benefits and advancement opportunities for the skills, capabilities and experience they bring to the organization and we call it "The Employee Value Proposition".

Our EVP is based on five pillars; Clifford Chance Business Services' values and culture, Learning and Development opportunities, Employee Recognition and Reward programmes, Compensation & Benefits and Career Progression.

At Clifford Chance Business Services, our core focus is to nurture a culture that fosters collaboration, teamwork and individual growth. Our work culture and environment supports the work we do, along with our people in a variety of ways.

Our Culture

At Clifford Chance Business Services, we pride ourselves on teamwork, everyone's opinion counts and employees are encouraged to share their ideas and suggestions. This transparent approach plays a fundamental role in our ongoing success, resulting in a work culture that enables our people to provide consistently high levels of customer service.

Equal Opportunity

Diversity is an integral part of our business strategy and is critical to our success. We believe that promoting diversity means providing equality of opportunity and creating an inclusive work environment where everyone has the opportunity to succeed. Our approach to diversity is to provide training, raise awareness and to embed diversity into all that we do.

Communication and feedback

In an organisation, good communication is vital. Our annual Employee Satisfaction Survey allows employees to provide feedback on everything from training to rewards and general job satisfaction.

Performance Management

Our aim is to ensure that an employee's contribution and development is recognised. There are significant rewards to be enjoyed for employees showing talent and the potential to achieve great things. We have a Global Appraisal System to assess all Clifford Chance Business Services employees, giving everyone the same chance of success.

Career Development

It is vital for the success of Clifford Chance Business Services that the career aspirations of our employees are anticipated and managed correctly. To meet this need, we have a clearly defined Career Framework which helps the employee understand what is required from them and to have a clear view of their potential career path.

Work/Life Balance

The organisation appreciates employees also need time to pursue their personal interests and enjoy time with friends and family. We are committed to creating a work environment that provides benefits and services to help employees lead their lives.

Employee Wellness

At Clifford Chance Business Services, we offer Medical and Personal Accidental Insurance to all our employees, significantly contributing to the cost of benefits for them and their families. Various health programmes and awareness sessions are designed to give employees a chance to meet health professionals.

Compensation & Benefits

Clifford Chance Business Services' compensation philosophy is to attract, retain and motivate top performing employees through competitive compensation programmes. Every year Clifford Chance Business Services participates in numerous benchmarking surveys to understand how specific jobs need to be paid and to monitor market trends.


Clifford Chance Business Services' recognition programmes are valued most by the employees and provide a way to reward individuals, whilst inspiring and motivating others to achieve them.

We believe that recognising exceptional performance in a timely manner at both individual and team level is vital to employee morale and our success. Awards are given to an employee in recognition of their length of service, quality of work performance or for major achievements within the organisation.

Employee Engagement Committees

Clifford Chance Business Services has a number of Employee Engagement Committees, the key philosophy of these committees being employee empowerment; driven by employees, for employees. The committees are responsible for creating an atmosphere which is challenging, creative and enjoyable for employees. Clifford Chance Business Services runs a host of Employee Engagement Committees :

  • Sports Committee
  • Library Management Commitee
  • Entertainment Committee
  • CSR Committee