Clifford Chance Business Services

  • Finance

Account Close Month End Reporting (ACMR)

The team supports all Clifford Chance's offices at every stage in the preparation of financial statements and management packs.

The team comprises of accountants who work in different shifts to support the different global time zones.

The team primarily supports the Bank Reconciliation, Inter-Office Reconciliation, Month End Closing and Reporting of Financial Statements and General Ledger Analysis processes.

The various applications and ERP tools used include Oracle, Atlas, Keystone, Reporting in Hyperion


The team supports Clifford Chance through every stage of the London Finance Admin Team task, Billing Admin, E-Billing and Reporting Task.

The team also works on PeopleSoft and GSA Month End Support such as scheduling and Running Keystone Month end Reports, Hyperion Load Files, Keystone and Oracle Period Updates.

Manage Payments (MP)

The team handles the Accounts Payables process by receiving invoices through the scanning solution; setting up and amending the supplier and employee records; processing invoices and employee expense claims; performing quality checks and ensuring timely payments to the respective suppliers and employees.

The various applications and ERP tools used include Oracle, Readsoft, Keystone.

Stringent measures have been put in place to ensure data privacy and maintain all obligatory documentation for audit trials and reporting. Agreement statutory requirements to ensure an error free payment process which satisfies our internal and external customers.

Manage Payments supports our client's offices according to their local operating time.