Clifford Chance Business Services

  • The Projects Group

The Projects Group works with Clifford Chance's Global Programme Group and Continuous Improvement Team, both of which support our client's leadership in shaping and delivering solutions that drive its business towards its vision.

The Projects Group also supports the client's Business Services strategy by adding value through:

  • Making the most of finite resources
  • Providing first class client service

The Project Group is active in the areas of Project Management, Transition Management and Continuous Improvement.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement is a combination of well established process improvement methodologies such as 'Lean' (which is about doing right things) and 'Six Sigma' (which is about doing those things right).

Continuous Improvement is important to the organisation, and involves improving efficiency, delivering value to clients and empowering people to improve the work processes. Continuous Improvement involves listening to our clients, or internal customer, to find out what they value and to make sure the team delivers on that. The team works in synergy with Clifford Chance's Global Continuous Improvement team and is responsible for developing and implementing strategic change initiatives to make Clifford Chance's internal processes and systems more efficient.

Transition Management

One of the key aspects of the team's service delivery is the successful transition of business processes from Clifford Chance's offices to Clifford Chance Business Services; a robust project management methodology is followed by Clifford Chance Business Services to manage all transitions. The objective of transition management is to provide a strong governance framework to overcome geographic barriers.

Project Management

Project management is the discipline of planning, organising, securing, managing, leading, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals.

The projects are managed in a delivery framework that provides a one single approach for all projects and ensures that the necessary governance and toll gates are in place for the stakeholders to make informed decisions.

The Projects Group at Clifford Chance Business Services manages and supports a number of local and global projects across various functions within Clifford Chance, Finance & Procurement, IT, HR & Learning, Risk, Business Development and K&I.